Translation of call center scripts

“A script is one of the essential tools for a call center agent to get the job done well. Any script should be drawn up appropriately from viewpoint of its purpose and use, motivational content, and grammar compliance. It should be both easy to say and be understood by an agent and service-user, respectively”.

Captain Obvious & Co.

Here we develop and translate scripts and templates (English ⇔ Russian) to be used for handling inbound and/or outbound calls, web chats, tickets and/or email messages.

Good English Monitoring
  • It is important to give consideration to each and every detail – from query channel to emotional engagement and empathy, which contribute to customer experience.
  • Specific patterns, which may naturally change in the course of interacting, underly the scripts that really work, no matter the language they are communicated in.
  • Effective “agent ⇔ customer” communication needs to be ensured all around, including its linguistic and localization appropriateness.

We, at Lingvo-Monitoring, aspire to win the trust of clients towards your attractive, easy-to-use and friendly service.