GEM – Good English Monitoring

We are all active users of many products and services, which are produced outside our motherlands, and each of us has bumped into translation fails at least once in life. They always seem very hilarious and give a user a great chance to get hundreds of views and likes for posting on the favorite social media.

However, such “lost in translation” fails and pitfalls are going to be false friends for customer service providers or product suppliers. They are likely to re-route customer journey to successful competitors. These are usually sensitive to their brand positioning, very careful about contractors, and keep a close eye on total quality management (TQM), including localization. With that in mind, they want to make a customer happy all the time and confident to recommend a service or product to others.

So, what is GEM?

Good English Monitoring (GEM) is a full-scope unbiased quality audit of non-native English language support for services, products, and projects. The results and recommendations are reported to the client. The GEM-mark allows your website to be ranked to the list of most competitive websites and displays a trustworthy quality of its content in English. You may also order a comprehensive GEM-Report on all your business communication channels supported in the English language.

Good English Monitoring

Who can make use of GEM? Each and every who

  • Has strong views on designing and managing customer experience (CX)
  • Is always one jump ahead of competitors (plus, the most viewed, liked and reposted)
  • Well understands that unbiased quality audit of the English content requires expertise and can be done by professional linguists only.

To make a long story short, good-in-every-sense English is a gem, which can magnetize more and more customers and users to your project, product or service.