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Site analysis

Site analysis for customer orientation

ICS Monitoring Company always analyzes the content of its Client’s websites for literacy, completeness, correctness and relevance (information about products and services, performance and quality of online support channels), ensuring the customer-centricity of your information system.
A User-friendly website is an integral part of almost any business. The design of the site, its structure, titles, photos and images, content and texts are of great importance for sophisticated users of Internet .
Our team will check the technical and semantic optimization of Your website, which will help to avoid the loss of potential customers who have encountered inaccuracies or difficulties on your site.
Customer-centricity will be a key advantage in developing a strategy of superiority over competitors, whose Internet resources can also be evaluated by our experts to identify their strengths and weaknesses. We use all our advanced staff for the most objective benchmarking.
*This service is available for resources in Russian, English and Spanish.