Dialogue system - ICS Monitoring

Dialogue system

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Any communication channels with mutual crossings.


Full imitation of the dialogue with a person.


Multithreading 24/7 communication.


Dialogues initiated by either side.


Prepared scriptsand development of unique logics.


Cost saving

Cutting operating costs of labor costs for human resources and related expenses.

Dialogs efficiency

Getting the necessary results of negotiations (dialogues) by users.

Process reliability

Reduction of the human factor and, consequently, improving reliability in negotiations and work with information.

Analytic access

Control of technology in real-time.


Personal approach

The functionality of bots is customizable to meet business needs.


Simple to start

Minimum requirements for the technical equipment for users.


Intelligence (virtual) technology

Digital technology for real dialogues



Interaction with any opponents at the same moment in any time line.

Dialogs multiplicity

Conducting the required amount of negotiations (interactions) by users.

Processing speed

Efficiency of using, receiving / transferring and  processing the necessary information.

Control access

Real time system administration.

Easy to install

Efficiency of reconfiguration, adaptation of scripts, negotiation scripts.