We serve the other companies’ clients, speaking the variety of languages on a twenty-four-seven basis. We know customers, we understand them, and we help them. Our team finds optimal formulas for interaction with any customer. We create the effective customer service system for every business. We are on the first place in B2B2C formula. The company’s managers continuously improve their soft skills through a knowledge base of their own development. We are trusted to support your customers.



We successfully work with clients in several European languages

Ecology of communication

We provide highest standards of quality service so your customers will be satisfied

Unique experience

Plenty of completed projects, solved problems and rendered services

24/7 online

24-hour Customer support for the convenience of your customers

IT & CS Collaboration

Modern information systems for business management

Business approach

Individual approach and great opportunities for solving cases

Our Prices

Please note, that the given information is not a formal offer. All the final settlements are reached as per parties agreement.

QA (Quality Assurance of your resources)from 4,5 $

  • Your web-site benchmarking
  • Client’s web-site content analyzis
  • A check on web-site’s semantic and technical optimization
  • Client’s web-site content linguistic review
  • Client’s web-site content correction and actualization of information


CS (Customer services & Communications)from 16,5 $

  • Online with your customers 24/7 in 5 languages
  • Incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • Processing of written requests (online-chats, CRM, email)
  • A full-immersion of staff to your subject area
  • Full integration with your CRM system


IT (Software development & Support)from 27 $

  • Turnkey software development
  • Interfaces, the server part, service databases development
  • Software maintenance (whole or part of the application)
  • We can support both an application written on a well-known framework, and study the Client’s libraries


Chatbots - implementationfrom 0 $

  • It is possible to maintain a free threshold for developing and supporting bots with stable and regular traffic.
  • Complexity S (no more than 25 logical branches) – 340 $
  • Complexity M (no more than 50logical branches) – 679 $
  • Complexity L (no more than 75 logical branches) – 1018 $
  • Complexity XL (more than 75 logical branches) from 1357 $