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We assist the customers of various companies, who speak different languages, on a 24h basis. We know your customers, understand and help them. Our aim is to speak the same language with a customer. Every business, which uses our services, benefits from the most efficient customer support system tailored for it. The first ‘B’ in B2B2C is where we operate. We examine the subject area of your business to the expert level, set all the necessary communication lines, integrate with the databases and proceed to providing informational support to your customers.

We are entrusted with customer support!



We successfully work with clients in several European languages

Ecology of communication

We attach a great value to the emotional well-being of your customers, which is why it is our priority to create and maintain a positive impression from contacting the customer support. And what better feedback could there be than getting all that gratitude expressed in each of the five languages in use?

Quality standards

We are an ISO-18295-certified company and we act in full compliance with this quality standard

24/7 online

24-hour Customer support for the convenience of your customers

IT & CS Collaboration

Modern information systems for business processes management


An impeccable business reputation among our clients. We always deliver on our word and meet our obligations.

Robotic communication

An expert level of creating intelligent communication bots that can be adjusted to any business

Vast expertise

An extensive portfolio of implemented projects, tasks and services performed in CX optimization, as well as bringing exceptional customer experience, both in IT and CS, at every step of B2B2C


Persistence in finding solutions to the most uncommon tasks is one of our distinctive fortes!

Our Prices

Please note, that the given information is not a formal offer. All the final settlements are reached as per parties agreement.

CS (Customer services & Communications)from 16,5 $

  • Online with your customers 24/7 in 5 languages
  • Incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • Processing of written requests (online-chats, CRM, email)
  • A full-immersion of staff to your subject area
  • Full integration with your CRM system


IT (Software development & Support)from 27 $

  • Turnkey software development
  • Interfaces, the server part, service databases development
  • Software maintenance (whole or part of the application)
  • We can support both an application written on a well-known framework, and study the Client’s libraries


Chatbots - implementationfrom 245 $

  • Robocalls from 2,50 $ per hour
  • Creation and improvement of chatbots from 26 $ per hour
  • Smart-IVR from 245 $
  • Development of voice and text bots for business from 650 $